10 Things You Should Never Say to a Realtor

What not to say to a Realtor
Avoid these common mistakes

Whether it’s the first time they talk to a realtor or when they run into their friend in the real estate biz at the gym, people say the craziest things! Now we know that most of the time they don’t mean any harm. They just don’t realize how the real estate business works. To help you keep your foot out of your mouth (and for a few laughs), here are 10 things you should never say to a Realtor;

  1. “I don’t want to bother my Realtor, can you show me that house?” No I can’t. You need to call the agent you are working with. I don’t make any money showing you a house that I’m not going to sell.
  2. “Real-a-tor” The correct pronunciation is Real-tor. Please stop putting an extra vowel in there.
  3. “You must make so much money.” The average real estate agent only makes about 40K per year before expenses like MLS fees, marketing, and everything else are paid.  Commissions are split between the brokerages representing the buyer and seller. Realtors then receive a portion from the brokerage.
  4. “You’re lucky to have so much free time.” Realtors work weekends, evenings, and occasionally on a holiday. You might see us at the grocery store in the middle of the day and not realize that later we will be burning the midnight oil negotiating an offer.
  5. “I’d give anything to spend every day looking at pretty houses.” Me too
  6. “No, we’re planning to sell the house ourselves. We just wanted to know how to do it.” Good luck. I only make money when I sell a house. Not when I teach you how to sell a house.
  7. “Well, on HGTV or Zillow (fill in the blank)” HGTV and Zillow are for entertainment. 
  8. “You finally sold that house? Took you long enough.” There are many reasons a house may take an extended period of time to sell that are beyond the Realtor’s control and not disclosed to the public. For example a seller may need a specific list price or may not be able to complete necessary updates to make the property marketable.  
  9. “We’re not really moving here. We’re using this relocation tour as a getaway. Where are we going for lunch?” Realtors are not tour guides. We only get paid when we sell a house. Now get out of my car.
  10. “We’d buy it if we could get it for (insert low ball offer here)”  Who wouldn’t. But that number probably isn’t realistic.

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