10 Things to Throw Away Today

Time for some Spring Cleaning!
Time for some Spring Cleaning!

Over the years I have emptied countless cabinets and drawers while preparing for estate sales or helping a client get their house ready to list for sale. Guess what? We all have a lot of the same junk accumulating in our houses; Tupperware, Big Hug Mugs, and empty bottles of Febreeze.

Here are 10 things to throw away today;

  1. Excess Plasticware. The Tupperware cabinet is brimming with odd-shaped bowls and containers with mismatched lids, Cool Whip and margarine tubs, and even plastic to-go boxes and utensils. Keep a supply of containers (with lids) in a variety of sizes then recycle the rest.
  2. Coffee mugs. Seriously, who needs an entire cabinet of coffee mugs. If everyone on your block came to your house at the same time for coffee, some of you would still have extra mugs in the cabinet. Keep your favorite eight mugs then donate the rest.
  3. Cheap green vases from the florist. Almost every laundry room or garage in town has a shelf filled with these vases. Recycle them.
  4. Pots and pans. Unless you are operating a restaurant out of your home, you really only need 6-8 pots and pans; a couple sauté pans, a big skillet, a small and medium saucepan, a stockpot, and maybe a Dutch oven. Keep your favorites then donate the rest.
  5. Cleaning supplies. It’s like that last bit of milk in the frig. No one wants to finish it but they can’t seem to throw it away either so they just open a new one. Empty and recycle the containers.
  6. Kitchen gadgets. Alton Brown would have a field day preparing for the next episode of Cutthroat Kitchen in some of the drawers I see. Just because there is a gadget for everything does not mean you need a gadget for everything. If you don’t use it, donate it.
  7. Old towels and rags. Everyone has a towel purgatory in their house. It’s the cabinet they shove old worn out and torn towels in then never use again. Animal shelters LOVE receiving these as a donation.
  8. VHS tapes. Do you even have a VHS player? Have the home movies converted then donate the rest.
  9. Wire Hangers. It doesn’t take long for these pesky hangers from the dry cleaner to pile up. Next time you drop off the dry cleaning, drop off a bag of hangers.
  10. T-Shirts. Every single event and organization has a T-Shirt. Heck, the hubs brought one home from the doctor’s office last week! Unless you feel like a million bucks when you wear it, let it go. Donate useable shirts. Have T-Shirt collections made into a memory quilt that you will use.

Whether you are preparing to list your house for sale or not, now is the time to get rid of the clutter. What’s the big offender in your house? Did it make the list?

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