5 Favorites for Mexican Food in OKC

What’s for dinner tonight? When the answer is Mexican food, it can be easy to go with the old OKC standbys; Ted’s Cafe Escondido or Chelino’s. Both are consistently fabulous and Oklahoma City favorites. Heck we had fajitas from Ted’s this weekend. Sometimes it can be fun to try something different though.

Mexican Food

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner I quizzed the hubs about his favorites for you. You see, the hubs is a bit of a connoisseur of Mexican cuisine. Not a Taco Bell Snob, a true enthusiast of all things wrapped in a tortilla and served with beans and rice. The spicier the better. Last night, I asked him to name his 5 favorite Oklahoma City spots for Mexican food. Here’s his list;

  1. Los Comales at 1504 S. Agnew. He says the place is always packed and the food is great. He goes there for the spicy pork with red sauce.
  2. Carnitas Michoacan at 306 W. Edmond Road in Edmond. He loves the tortas.
  3. Mama Roja at 9219 Lake Hefner Parkway. He loves the atmosphere there and goes for the enchiladas, queso and beer. 
  4. San Marcos at 4024 N. May Avenue. He goes there for an inexpensive lunch.  He says the food is authentic Mexican.
  5. Alvarado’s at 1000 E. 2nd in Edmond. He says they have the best sopapillas and tortillas.
Give one of these local spots a try and let me know if you agree with the hubs.

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