A City Within a City, Nichols Hills

Nichols Hills

Over eighty years ago, Dr. G A Nichols had a vision for a planned community of mostly homes and parks in the rolling hills north of Oklahoma City. Named for places in England, the streets would follow the terrain rather than the grid pattern common in Oklahoma City. The first home was built in 1930 on the corner of Grand and Bedford with a dozen or more to follow soon after. Homeowners banded together forming a board and a beautification committee that planted parks. They established Nichols Hills Elementary School with just one teacher and less than twenty students. The city of Nichols Hills was born with construction continuing through the 1950’s.

Today Nichols Hills is an incorporated city with it’s own city government, water, police and fire departments in just two square miles. The city remains a community primarily made up of residences. Near the gateway to Nichols Hills at Western and Grand you can find several executive offices, boutiques and restaurants in Nichols Hills Plaza. To the west is Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club and one of the first churches in Nichols Hills, All Souls Episcopal Church. 

The streets are lined with unique properties like charming bungalows and impressive mansions. Since the city occupies just two square miles, there isn’t any room for growth.  However, you wouldn’t know that as you drive along Wilshire Boulevard. There is incredible value in the land and even the most neglected properties sell for top dollar. Tear downs and renovations are very popular making construction signs a common sight in Nichols Hills right now. Many homes have been remodeled completely from the studs out.

Throughout the year there are events that bring the community together. In the summer they host a 4th of July parade and a garden tour. In the fall the dogs hit the streets for the annual Pooch Parade. My favorite Nichols Hills event has to be the Redbud Classic. The route takes runners along the rolling streets while homeowners provide support and a party like atmosphere by cheering and toasting participants with champagne from their front yard.

Nichols Hills is centrally located near the Chesapeake Energy Campus, Whole Foods, Classen Curve and the Waterford.  

*Historical Source, The Story of Nichols Hills by Mrs. Bixler

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