Adventure Awaits! Zipline in Davis, Oklahoma

Let’s be totally honest. I’m not known as much of a daredevil. Fearless is not a word that has ever been used to describe me. So when I asked my friend if she wanted to go zipline in Davis, Oklahoma, I’m pretty sure she either thought I’d lost my mind or that I’d probably chicken out. Even so, she humored me and agreed to go.

The plan was simple. We would take a zipline tour with Air Donkey Zipline Adventures. Their two hour tour includes six ziplines and a stroll across their sky bridge for $75 plus tax. After registering online, we headed south toward Davis. Davis is off I-35 between Paul’s Valley and Ardmore, about an hour and a half from Edmond. Air Donkey is just a couple miles west of the interstate.

Zipline in Davis, Oklahoma
I wasn’t nervous when we got there or even when we were suited up with harnesses and helmets. I was fine as our two guides explained how the mechanics of it all would work and we took our first trip on the “bunny line.” I was feeling pretty confident. Then we walked over to our first tower. Oh my gosh! We were going to have to climb up the tower then zip across and land on another tower! Could I go back to the bunny line?
I managed to get to the top of the tower despite an Oklahoma wind and two shaky legs. Once it was my turn the guide had to give me a little push off. But once he did, I was soaring! Don’t get me wrong, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was holding on for dear life, but I did it! I was fearless! From there we zipped down five more lines, one was an astounding 1800 feet long. The longest in Oklahoma we were told.
If you’re perfectly comfortable living on the edge or more like me and you need a push off that edge, adventure awaits in Davis, Oklahoma! Schedule a tour at Air Donkey Zipline Adventures in Davis. You’ll be so glad you did.

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