Edmond Real Estate Annual Report 2016

Happy New Year! Your annual Edmond Real Estate report is here! It’s time to take a quick look back at 2016 and see what was happening in the world of real estate here in Edmond. You’ll see we listed a whole lotta houses and we sold quite a few too. Check out the infographic below for the big picture and a few fun facts or if you prefer more detail, I’ve got you covered, just scroll down.
Edmond real estate

Here’s how it all boiled down in Edmond real estate;

  • We listed 5400 homes in Edmond (within EPS boundaries) about 400 more than the year before.
  • As we entered the New Year, 1037 of those listings were still active with an average 81 marketing days under their belt 
  • There’s lots of seller competition and fewer buyers where the average house is listed at about $315,000 (if you have a house in this price range, your place better be picture perfect before you list for sale)
  • 3167 homes in Edmond (within EPS boundaries) sold last year, up from 2015
  • There’s not as much seller competition but lots more buyers where the average home has been purchased around $229,900 (if you have a house in this price range, now is a great time to list for sale)
  • Average days on market for 2015 listings entering the new year is 81 days
  • Average days on market for 2015 listings that sold was just 21 
  • 15, million dollar homes sold in 2015. Surprisingly, the same number of million dollar listings sold in 2015. The highest went for 2 million.
  • The lowest went for just $17,000
  • Compare to 2015 here

This real estate report is a big picture glimpse into the 2016 Edmond market. For a detailed neighborhood specific real estate report, just complete the form below and I’ll put one together for you.


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