Are We There Yet?

Hey mom, are we there yet?  Good gravy, just once wouldn’t you love to answer that timeless question with, “Why yes, we are there.  I thought it would be fun to drive around for a little longer before I told you.”  I know I would.  As moms we try our best to keep the snark to a minimum, take a deep breath and answer with a reassuring, “not yet sweetie.  We’ll be there soon.”  After all, we know that the little guy is just getting antsy to reach his destination.  He can’t help himself.

When my phone chirps thirty minutes after an open house with a text that says, “Any takers?” or my email dings right after a scheduled showing with questions like, “So, have you heard anything?” I’m reminded of that kiddo in the back seat on a long road trip to grandma’s.  Sure, there are times I would love to be snarky and answer with something like, “Well, as a matter of fact I’ve had an offer sitting here for a day or so.  I’ve been meaning to call you…”  I know folks selling their house are like the little guy in the car; getting antsy to reach their goals.  So, I take a deep breath and assure them that as soon as I hear anything at all, they will be the very first to know.

Are we there yet, any takers?  Not yet, but we’ll be there soon.  Hang in there!

Talk to you soon!

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