Avoid Common Mistakes When Touring Homes to Buy

Decorator show houses are pretty popular fundraisers in our area. Each year in Oklahoma City, houses are decorated to the nines and open to for the public to tour. A few of my favorites include the OKC Philharmonic’s Symphony Show House, the St Jude Dream Home, and the Heritage Hills Home Tour. My friends and I check out every room and chat about critique color choices, window treatments and furniture placement. Usually I’m the one in the crowd with a pen in hand scrawling notes all over my tour book as I get inspired. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with the girls.

It may seem obvious when I say that touring houses that you might purchase for your family is totally different. I can hear you saying, Duh! Stay with me. There are some common mistakes buyers make when they are looking at houses.
Touring Homes
While looking at houses, I often notice that my clients are critiquing the home like my friends and I do at the show houses we go to. Instead of seeing how the space will be lived in by their own family, they focus on how it is presently decorated or how it is being used by the current owner.
Here are a few mistakes I see potential buyers make all the time;
  • Discarding a house based on current color choices
  • Not looking past outdated window treatments that can easily be replaced
  • Focusing on furnishings that won’t even stay with the house
  • Wasting time looking at properties they don’t like merely out of curiosity or for entertainment
  • Touring homes long before they are able to buy just to see what’s out there
You can avoid making these common mistakes. You will probably see houses that have paint colors or window treatments that don’t match your personal style. You might even see more than one that reminds you of your grandma’s house. Remember that you are buying an empty house. None of that old furniture is going to stay. Walls can be painted and stuffy curtains can come down. It will look completely different once your stuff is moved in.
Here are a few things to focus on;
  • Will the floor plan meet the needs of your family?
  • Open the curtains or blinds, does enough natural light come into the house?
  • Will the room sizes and shapes accommodate your furniture or the function you plan for the space?
  • Is the structure sound?
  • Do you like the area and the location within the neighborhood?
Remember, touring decorator homes is for entertainment and creative inspiration. Touring a home that you will live in requires that you focus on the form, function, and quality of the construction and layout.  

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