Birthday Party Ideas in Edmond

As I write, my daughter’s birthday party is underway in the next room.  She will be turning 14 in a matter of days.  This year my function is that of hostess and chaperone.  You know, make sure there is plenty of food.  Keep the soda flowing.  And no matter what, stay out of the way without making a sound.  My presence is really only required because boys are present.  Ah, the joy of teenage girls.

I can’t help but think about the countless birthday parties in and around Edmond we have hosted.  I must confess that I was always the mom that left the planning to the last minute!

If you are like me and maybe need a last minute plan, here’s a list of places where we have hosted parties or one of the girls have gone to a party as a guest in Edmond and NW OKC.

Well, it looks like the party might be winding down.  The best part of having a 14 year old birthday party?  She’s old enough to clean up afterwards!  My work is done.

Talk to you soon!

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