Conquer Bathroom Clutter

I can’t believe we are already on day 11 of the October Clutter Detox! Today’s task is pretty simple. Today you’ll conquer the bathroom clutter that lurks beneath the surface. Prospective buyers will open the cabinets and drawers in your bathroom. Just like when they looked in your pantry and in the linen closet, they’re hoping to see that there is so much available storage. They can’t do that if a drugstore full of toiletries and cosmetics are spilling out!

So, grab a big ole’ trash bag and throw everything on this list away today;

  1. expired medications and vitamins
  2. unfinished prescriptions
  3. old cosmetics; if you haven’t used it since last Halloween, toss it.
  4. new cosmetics you thought you would use and didn’t; blue glitter eyeshadow
  5. hair appliances you have duplicates of or no longer useMarch 13, 2014; will you ever use that mini curling iron or crimper again?
  6. electric razors not longer used
  7. products that you bought and then didn’t like how they worked
  8. broken or mismatched hair accessories
  9. expired sunscreen
  10. free mini bottles of shampoo and lotion from hotels you’ve visited
  11. empty bottles and jars of anything
  12. frayed towels
  13. gift with purchase makeup bags
  14. nail polish you can’t open
  15. old toothbrushes
  16. old contact lens cases
  17. anything without a label that you can’t name
  18. dirty hair brushes and combs
  19. medical equipment you no longer need; anything the hospital sent home with you
  20. dirty toilet brush

Repeat this process in every bathroom, even the powder room.

Talk to you soon!

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