Down Payment Assistance Program Spring 2016

Today I learned about a Down Payment Assistance program coming this spring for first time homebuyers from First State Bank (local to Oklahoma) called First Assist. It will give up to $5000 toward a down payment or closing cost to qualifying first-timers that attend a home buyer’s education course. Five grand covers quite a bit when you consider the approximate total needed to close on a $100,000 home is about $6800. This is an awesome opportunity!

So, if you or someone you know is considering buying their first place this program might be a great opportunity to get a little help with the down payment or closing cost.

Down Payment Assistance

For more information give me a call or contact one of the four First Bank mortgage lenders listed above. Let them know I sent ya!

If you’re buying your first place, you should also grab a copy of the New Home Planner to stay on track throughout the process.

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