Down Payment Assistance Offered in Moore, OK

The Down Payment Assistance Story

So, yesterday a Facebook post about down payment assistance in Moore, Oklahoma was making the rounds. It grabbed my attention when it was shared by a locally famous meteorologist who now lives and works in Texas. I also hit the share button and promised to dig into it today then report back with more information.

In case you missed it, the gist of it was that the City of Moore was offering qualifying buyers up to 40 grand as a down payment for a home in a neighborhood affected by the 2013 Moore tornado.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

The Down Payment Assistance Facts

Here’s the deal. Yes, the City of Moore is, in fact, offering down payment assistance on the purchase of homes in the eligible areas (see example map below) to eligible buyers. HOWEVER, the homes must have been built AFTER June 30, 2013, meet the City of Moore’s most current building codes established March 2014 AND cannot be priced over $138,000 for an existing home or $180,000 for new construction. To see if you qualify as a buyer for this program, apply here or get all the details from the city here.

Down Payment Assistance
Buyers to verify property eligibility

No Homes Available

At present, July 26, 2017, there are no available listings in the MLS in the affected areas that meet those unique criteria. I’ll keep an eye out for ya though!


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