Prepare Your Yard for Fall, 10 Steps

Fall is the air and we’ll be welcoming winter before you know it. That means it’s time to get outside and get the yard ready for the colder months ahead. Investing just a little time now will help to make sure your landscape is ready for spring. To help you, here are 10 easy steps you can do this weekend to prepare your yard for the chill ahead.

prepare for fall

  1. Plant pansies for color and curb appeal throughout the winter and bulbs for early signs of spring
  2. Fill lawn bald patches using a grass patch repair mix for a lush lawn in the spring
  3. Pull annual plants from landscape
  4. Empty flower pots and planters so they don’t crack in the cold
  5. Cover perennials with mulch
  6. Plant a tree
  7. Prune trees so branches don’t touch roof
  8. Disconnect and drain hoses to store for winter
  9. Install outdoor faucet covers
  10. Winterize sprinkler system

By the way, the first two are especially important if your house will be on the market for sale during the winter or early spring and the last two are a must if the house will be vacant while for sale.

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