Field Trip to US Foods CHEF’STORE in OKC

Earlier this month the US Foods CHEF’STORE opened in Oklahoma City near I-240 and Walker. I took a field trip out there to see what the new store has to offer.

US Foods

The US Foods CHEF’STORE is open to the public and sells restaurant food, supplies and equipment. They have a large selection of meat, produce and frozen foods plus a variety of specialty items like seasoning, olive oil and Torani flavored syrups for coffee. Their primary customer is a restaurant, so most items are sold in large quantities. It’s Probably not the place you will shop for your everyday groceries but if you are planning a party or wedding this new store will be a valuable resource.  

For example, in the fall, the hubs feeds a crowd at his weekly OU tailgate parties in Norman. With that in mind, I ventured into the cold meat lockers to check the prices of burgers and ribs for him. Let’s just say, I’m confident he will be shopping there once football season kicks off again.

On top of the food, they have a large section devoted to professional food service equipment available for sale that quickly caught my eye. They have everything from spatulas and bus tubs to commercial ranges and mixers. Now before your heart goes all a flutter about the commercial ranges, remember that they really are not suited for residential use without significant alterations to the surrounding cabinetry, power source and walls. Let’s just say they get pretty damn hot! It may even require additional coverage to your homeowner’s insurance. Instead, stick to the bar blenders (I totally have my eye on one of those), mixing bowls, and simple white serve ware.

If you’re planning a party, event, or tailgate a field trip out to the US Foods CHEF’STORE may be worth the trip from Edmond. When you go, let me know what you think.

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