Frame a Photo with a Vintage Screen

This simple project may be one of my very favorites.

While I was at the Junk Hippy Show on Saturday I was inspired by the branding display for one of the t-shirt vendors.  I would have taken a picture but photography isn’t permitted at the show.  They had assembled a wall of screen doors with diffused vintage photographs and their logo displayed behind the screens.  It was so cool.  Immediately I knew I had to try and replicate the look.

Here’s how I did it;

  • At the show I found a big, dirty, chippy window screen for about $15.  I’m sure I could have found one for a lot less but I was inspired and hot on the trail.
  • When I got home I went through a box on photos I have and found a super cute pic of my mom and a bike when she was about 10.  I scanned the picture to my computer then sent it to for an engineering size print.
  • I trimmed the picture to fit the frame
  • With the image against the screen, I stapled the paper to the wood frame.
I absolutely love the result.  It looks awesome in my kitchen.  It’s so easy to do too.  The hardest part was deciding which picture to use.  Give it a try yourself!

Talk to you soon!

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