Give JuiceBlendz a Whirl!

JuiceBlendz Cafe opened in Edmond earlier this month. They scored a great location; right next door to Uptown Grocery Co. and across the street from Mitch Park. I gave them a try yesterday.


When I walked in, I was expecting to find a typical smoothie bar. You know, walk up to the counter and order something fruity with some sort of boost thrown in for good measure. Instead I found that inside the bright and cheery shop they offered much more than blended fruit. In addition to a large selection of smoothies, they also offer self serve frozen yogurt, a menu complete with breakfast and lunch items, and nutritional products for sale.

Since I had just finished a run at the park I thought it would be appropriate to try the Marathoner smoothie. It’s a blend of berries and orange juice. It was really very good and the price was under five bucks. I plan to give them a try for lunch sometime soon. Next time you’re in the area, give JuiceBlendz a whirl then let me know what you think.

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