Hatch Chiles at Sprouts in Edmond

It’s been a quiet week in the real estate biz.  Sometimes I don’t mind when that happens because it means I have extra time to do things I don’t always get to do around my house, like cook! 

Last year when Sunflower Market Sprouts opened in Oklahoma City I remember noticing a large display of Hatch Chiles at the front of the store.  I hadn’t heard of them before and just passed them by.  Then this week I started to hear rumblings online about these Hatch Chiles again.  Apparently they were back and folks were buying them by the boat load.  What’s the fuss all about?  More importantly, what are people doing with so many darn peppers?

I took it to the google to find out.  I learned that Hatch Chiles come from Hatch, New Mexico (the chile capital of the world).  They have a very short season that is in late August into early September.  Often the chiles are roasted then frozen to be used in soups, breads, queso, and sandwiches during the fall and winter.

What’s a girl to do?  Head over to Sprout’s in Edmond to buy a bunch of chiles of course!  Just like this time last year, the Hatch Chiles are on a display at the front of the store.  I noticed that they had both mild and medium available.  They may have had hot too, but I didn’t see them.  They were priced at just 99 cents a pound.  I bought about two pounds (ten chiles)

Once I got home, my daughter and I started to roast them on the grill.  We had them on high heat and turned them as soon as the skin started to blister.  It didn’t take very long at all so I would recommend that you don’t leave them unattended.  Once they were all roasted I took them into the kitchen to remove the stems, seeds and skins then placed them into a freezer bag. 

When I started the process my daughter teased that I had bought a lot of chiles.  Actually, being a teenager she thought I was crazy and had no problem telling me so.  But by the time we thought of all the recipes we would add them to (especially the hubs during football season), we decided we would need to buy some more before they were gone!  No wonder folks were buying them ten pounds at a time!

Talk to you soon!

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