Visit Oklahoma’s Holy City of the Wichitas for Easter

Holy City of the Wichitas

Our family has a spring tradition. Every year around Easter we take a road trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton and visit The Holy City of the Wichitas. It’s about a two hour drive from Oklahoma City down I-44W.

Holy City of the Wichitas
Wichita Wildlife Refuge

Once you get inside the wildlife refuge, a small directional sign will lead you to The Holy City of the Wichitas. As you follow the road you might be distracted by bison or prairie dogs along the way. Go ahead and snap a few pics (from inside the car). Then when your car rounds the corner you will see an outcropping of stone buildings in the distance. As you get closer, you will be greeted by an eleven foot statue of Jesus high atop a hill. You’ve entered The Holy City of the Wichitas.

The Holy City is the site of the longest running Passion Play in the United States. It all began back in 1926 with an Easter Pageant in nearby Medicine Park. Over the years it grew in popularity so much that in the 1930’s an area in the Wichita Mountains was reserved for the annual event. Federal funds were set aside to assist with the construction The Holy City replica that serves as backdrop to the performance.

Holy City of the Wichitas
From the Summit at Mt. Scott

When we go, we like to explore the buildings and see the photographs taken long ago when tens of thousand of people would pilgrimage to see the pageant. Afterwards we spend the afternoon in the refuge hiking then driving to the summit of Mt. Scott to take in the view. On our way home, we always stop in Meers at Meers Store and Restaurant for a famous burger. Can’t wait to hit the road for Lawton this weekend! Happy Easter!

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