Homes Near Western Avenue District in OKC

Yesterday we visited the Western Avenue District in Oklahoma City. As promised, today I’m giving you a sneak peek into a few of the charming neighborhoods that border this eclectic district. Let’s start over in the Historic Brookhaven Neighborhood.
Brookhaven Oklahoma City
Historic Brookhaven Neighborhood in OKC

Historic Brookhaven is nestled right between Belle Isle and Western Avenue at NW 55th just across the street from Deep Fork Grill. If I lived there I’d never cook again! Built in the mid 1940’s this neighborhood is tiny with just one entrance and four short streets (Lombard, Brookhaven Place, Military and NW 55th). Most of the classic bungalow homes are just over 1000 square feet with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Many have an attached one car garage. Homes in this neighborhood do not come on the market very often. In the last eighteen months, only three have sold. The sold price has been between $125,000 and $150,000. 

Now lets skip over I44 and head east of Western over to Crown Heights and Edgemere Heights. I was so surprised by all that I learned about this small town in the city by simply working the Google! It kinda made me like the area even more than I already do.

Crown Heights Oklahoma City
Crown Heights & Edgemere Heights in OKC

Crown Heights is the area from NW 36th to NW 42nd between Western and Walker. It was developed in the 30’s and 40’s by GA Nichols who was a busy bee around OKC back in the day (see A City Within a City, Nichols Hills and The Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City). The land was the original Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club golf course when he bought it. The homes that were built varied in architectural style which gives it the charm that I love so much. Have you ever noticed that the streets in Crown Heights seem to be longer than most and meander? That’s by design. Nichols wanted the blocks to be twice as long as a typical block and curved slightly. What’s most surprising is that most of the beautiful homes were built at the height of the Great Depression prior to WWII!

Crown Heights

Today’s home shoppers in Crown Heights are discovering small homes with just 1000 square feet and a couple bedrooms for around $150,000 all the way to a 4000 square foot four bedroom home for upwards of $500,000. Neither end of the spectrum stays on the market for long! Pro tip, Crown Heights was placed on the National Register of Historic Places so renovations and improvements must follow Historic Preservation guidelines with design review and approval.

Edgemere Heights came along to the east of Crown Heights after WWII during the 1940’s and 1950’s. It’s the sliver of homes between Walker and Harvey. Most of these homes are ranch style with attached two car garages on larger lots. They appeal to today’s shopper looking to capture the mid-century modern vibe. Most of these homes have about 2400 square feet and are selling for around $325,000.
The two neighborhoods, Crown Heights and Edgemere Heights, joined forces in the 1970’s to form one homeowners association. The HOA hosts popular events throughout the year including a 4th of July parade, Oktoberfest, and Easter Egg Hunt. They also provide a 24 hour security patrol through the community.
I’m pretty sure I could live in any of these neighborhoods and happily walk over to Western Avenue all the time. I have to wait until my girlie graduates from high school here in Edmond first. Until then, who can I vicariously live through and show a few houses over there? We can stop for lunch at Deep Fork Grill or the Drum Room too, my treat!

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