Let Go of Book Clutter

book clutter

Today’s task is to tackle the book clutter. It doesn’t take long for books to pile up. Avid readers often accumulate books by the dozen; collecting favorites, as gifts received, and then there’s the ongoing reading list. To a prospective buyer looking at your house, the piles of books can feel overwhelming. So, let’s hit the stacks and let go of the book clutter today!

Scale your collection back to just your favorites and the handful that you plan to read in the coming weeks. Display those you plan to read neatly in a bookcase and begin packing the collection in small book boxes you can stack in the garage or moving Pod.

Donate the rest to a local charity. One option is Friends of the Metropolitan Library System. They sell donated books at their annual book sale then give the funds raised back to local libraries through grants. Small donations of just a few boxes should be taken to any metro library (just let the staff know they are for Friends of the Library). Large donations (a carload or more) go to their sort site at 300 NE 50th Street in Oklahoma City during their volunteer hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am until noon.


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