You Could Live in OKC’s Wheeler District

It felt like the coldest day ever which was a good excuse to stay inside and work on the computer. Instead, we bundled up and headed over to the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association for a Realtor luncheon. The huddled mass of agents weren’t there for the chicken (although the rolls were fab-u-lous). We were there to listen to a talk by members of the Wheeler District staff. We were there to get the inside scoop on the upcoming development at Wheeler District. I scribbled notes as fast as I could. Here are a few of the highlights;

Wheeler District Today

By now I bet you’ve visited the abandoned air strip that is now known as Wheeler District in Oklahoma City. Whether its taking a spin on the ferris wheel, the food trucks, or simply swaying in a hammock, Wheeler has become a popular Oklahoma City destination. Need proof? Just search Wheeler Ferris Wheel on Instagram and you’ll find a flood of selfies in front of the iconic OKC letters. Visitors are having so much fun, they may not notice that in the distance construction is underway to build the infrastructure necessary for a new mixed use community that will emerge in a few short months.

Wheeler District Tomorrow

The developer’s vision is of a walkable mixed use community in the heart if Oklahoma City. The community will include townhomes, condos, and single family homes anchored by the historic terminal building (remember this 150 acre property was once an airpark). The terminal building would be transformed into commercial space that would include restaurants and a coffee shop. The runway will become the community center with tree-lined bike paths and a park. There are plans for a charter elementary school (preK through 5th grade) with a targeted opening date is fall of 2020.

Phase One

Construction of the first phase begins in May and will include 54 homes (the first 30 have already been spoken for). Here’s what you’ll want to know about this phase of construction;

  • 15 acres at the center of the community
  • The Cottage series homes will be between 600-1200 square feet (limited supply)
  • The Runway Series homes will be between 1400-3000 square feet
  • Price range for these homes is from about $150,000 to $600,000
  • All homes will have metal roofs
  • All homes will be multi-level, the condos will be single level with parking below
  • All homes will have small rear and side courtyards
  • All homes will have garages in the back of the home
  • HOA fees will be monthly and will include “Wheeler Bucks” that can be redeemed at the restaurants

This is a very exciting development coming to Oklahoma City’s urban core. If you’re interested in learning more, complete the form below or get in touch at 405-615-2796.

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