Moving to Oklahoma? Not Quite What you Had in Mind?

I help folks who are moving to Oklahoma as part of a job move. Every once in a while the move to Oklahoma wasn’t what they had in mind. More accurately, it’s the very LAST thing they had in mind! Hey, I’ve been there too.

Kristyn, I’m one of those coming kicking and screaming. I never intended to leave but you have to go where the jobs are. This probably would have been the last place I would pick if I had to.

Oklahoma Industry

There are some common misconceptions about life in Oklahoma. Folks think they’ve been sent to a dusty prairie littered with oil wells in the middle of nowhere. What they may not know is that landlocked Oklahoma has more shoreline than the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts combined. Oklahoma City oil fields have one of the largest petroleum and natural gas reserves in the US. While oil and gas are driving force in our economy, so is agriculture, aviation, and health-care.

Oklahoma Weather

Weather is ALWAYS part of the conversation for people moving to Oklahoma. Heck, they watch the news they’re scared. I get it. I promise twisters aren’t looming on the horizon all the time. Sure, we get our fair share of severe weather. That’s why The National Weather Service Center is in Norman with the best of the best in meteorology. We are well-informed before and while severe weather hits. Here’s some good news, we average about 235 days with the sun shining brightly overhead. We get a taste of all seasons with leaves changing color, a few days with snow or ice, and an early spring. Our summers care hot and humid but the wind usually helps make it bearable.Moving to Oklahoma

Oklahoma People

The best thing about Oklahoma is the people. How do you describe the people of Oklahoma? Friendly? Generous? Kind? You bet! If you find yourself in line for coffee, you’re bound to make a friend or two. It goes further than that though, whether it’s a tragedy or just a neighbor in need, people around here pull together. Once you move to Oklahoma, you’re a member of the community for good.

Oklahoma, Your New Hometown

As this video from the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce says, “The decision to adopt a new hometown comes down to what it’s like to live here.” Grab a cup of coffee and watch. It will show you that you’re not moving to a dusty prairie, you’re moving to a city on the rise.

Like you, when I moved here twenty years ago it was the last place I imagined living. Now I can’t see myself anywhere else. It’s an exciting time to be here. Before long you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever worried about moving to Oklahoma. Heck, we’ll be calling you a Okie in no time!

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