Moving Tips Round Up

As a Realtor I’m always collecting and sharing moving tips with my clients. One of my favorites came from a client moving to Edmond from Arkansas. She told me that instead of using messy old newspapers to wrap glasses and knickknacks, she bought end-rolls from the local newspaper office. End-rolls are what’s left on the giant roll of newsprint used to print the paper. Sometimes they are free or sold for just a few bucks. My clients are so smart!

Moving tips

Here’s a few more of my favorite Moving Tips:

Moving Tips

Get Moving by Bonnie Joy Dewkett at The Joyful Organizer has put together the most comprehensive list of moving tips I’ve found. Her list is divided into tasks to complete before you leave your old place and what to do when you get to your new home. I love that she suggests putting together a kit for your first night at your new house.

Moving Tips

Moving To-Do List and Box Labels from Martha Stewart. Martha gets it right again. Her free printable moving labels are big and include a space to color code box contents. The lists start six weeks before moving day and include important questions to ask when interviewing moving companies.

Moving Tips

Tip: How to Safely Pack and Move Plates from the Frugal Girls. Their moving tip comes straight from the why didn’t I think of that file; place foam picnic plates between your dishes to keep them from rattling against each other. Simply brilliant! I’ve probably shared this tip with every client who ever mentioned packing their kitchen!

Moving Tips

More Move Planner Printables to Help you Stay on Track from Ali at Scattered Squirrel is the most complete moving planner I’ve found. There’s a moving budget that includes everything from lunch the day of the move to deposits for utilities, a cleaning checklist to help you leave the place spic and span, and more. If you’re a planner gal and will be moving soon, this resource is for you!

Moving Tips

Katelyn Fagan at What’s Up Fagans lists 17 Places Where You Can Get Free Moving Boxes¬†which is exactly what you need when faced with a move because let’s be real, cardboard boxes are EXPENSIVE! That’s why her awesome list had to be included on my round-up of moving tips.

Have you found a great moving tip? Let me know so I can add it to my collection!

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