October Clutter Detox Day 9 (the linen closet)

A typical linen closet isn’t very big but we sure can stuff it full with sheets, pillows, and towels that we rarely use. Today’s task is to purge that closet.

Clean out the linen closet today
Clean out the linen closet today


  • Remove everything.
  • Eliminate anything that is leftover from the last time you redecorated. You won’t use it again.
  • Put non-linen items stored in the closet where they belong.
  • Sort and fold sheets by size/color then return to closet. Keep in mind that you only need two sets of sheets per bed in your house including the sheets on the bed. Donate the surplus.
  • Sort and fold towels by color or bathroom used then return to closet. Donate any that are stained or frayed to a local animal shelter. They are always in need of extra towels.
  • Fold bulky quilts, blankets and comforters and stack with extra pillows on the top shelves.

Here’s a bonus staging tip; crisp white sheets and towels will give your house a clean neutral look which will appeal to more prospective buyer.

Your DONATE box must be getting full. Load it in the car and work a stop at a donation center into your route the next time you run errands. Tomorrow we tackle the books!

Talk to you soon!

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