Buy a Home, Sign Language

Real estate signs have been a part of the landscape that went virtually unnoticed. Until you decided it was time to buy a home and start looking at houses. Now they’re everywhere; Open House, For Sale by Owner, Model Home, and good old real estate brokerage signs in every color. Like a moth to a flame you are now drawn to all of them!

real estate signs

Open House Signs: Visiting an Open House at an existing home (not new construction) is a pretty common Sunday afternoon activity for folks shopping for a new home. In Oklahoma, most open houses are held on Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00. They are typically hosted by the listing Realtor and they are representing the seller. When you arrive, simply advise the agent hosting the open house that you are already working with a Realtor and continue to tour the home. If you have any questions about the house, jot down a note and ask your agent to get the information for you.

For Sale By Owner: Once you begin to narrow your search on a specific neighborhood, you will probably come across a For Sale by Owner sign or two. If you do, and it looks like a house that might meet your needs, grab a flyer or jot down the phone number on the sign. Pass the information on to your Realtor and they can initiate contact and schedule a showing on your behalf.

Builder Signs: In Edmond, new additions are everywhere! Their signs are pretty hard to miss; billboards and arrows aplenty! Model homes are often open everyday (times vary). They are usually manned by salespeople that represent the builder. When you stop by a model home, they are going to ask you to sign in and share a bit of contact information. Most of the forms have a section where you can advise them that you are working with a Realtor and may ask who that is. Go ahead and fill it out. 99% of the builders in our market have an excellent cooperative relationship with the Realtor community. Then go ahead and allow them to give you a tour of the property, available lots, and upgrades. See something you like?  Let your agent know and they will help you through the building and/or purchase.

Brokerage Signs: Real estate brokerage signs come in all sorts of shapes and colors. There are red ones, whites one, and of course the fairest of them all the black and gold ones. Hear me now, as Realtors we do not care what color the sign in front of the house you see and ultimately buy is. While we would love it if you chose a home listed by our office, the reality is most transactions are cooperative. That means two companies are involved. See a house you want information on? Just jot down the address and pass it on to your Realtor for more information.

Your Realtor is your one point of contact for all of these scenarios making the process much easier for you. They can assist you with ANY HOME.

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