Pick Your Tree at Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree Farm in Edmond

What images come to mind when you think about bringing home a Christmas tree? I always picture a large tree tied atop a small car driving down the road. Or a family walking through the woods to select just the perfect one. You know, something right out of a holiday movie or a Hallmark card.

Did you know that you can give your family that idyllic Hallmark card experience when you get your tree this year? Instead of grabbing a tree at the local hardware store, why not head over to the Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree Farm in Edmond to pick the perfect tree. The Sorghum Mill Tree Farm is over at 7121 Midwest Lane in Edmond. It’s pretty easy to find; just a bit northeast of I-35 and Covell. They have plenty of directional signs to help guide you there.

When you arrive you will find they have seven fields of trees with a variety of pine trees that are native to Oklahoma. You and your family can walk the fields to select the perfect tree. From there, you can either grab a saw and cut the tree down yourself or wave down one of the guys driving around on golf-carts to cut it for you.  If you prefer a fir, they have plenty of pre-cut trees from North Carolina ready for you to choose from. Balled in burlap trees are also an option for those that would like to plant their Christmas tree after the holidays.

Once you have selected and cut your tree, the guys will shake out the loose needles and bale it for you. They also give the trunk a nice clean cut before helping you load it. Then you’ll be off. Maybe I’ll see you driving down the road with your big beautiful tree tied atop your car!

The Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree Farm is open Monday through Friday from 1:00-7:00 and Saturday and Sunday 10:00-7:00. Be sure to bundle up and have a fantastic time!

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