Printable Resources You Can Use When You Sell a House

You’re going to list your house for sale, congratulations! When you decide to sell a house there is so much to do, it’s difficult to keep track of it all. To keep the process as simple as possible, I’ve put together three printable resources for you to use.

The first step is getting the property ready by staging it to sell. You watch HGTV so you already know that you have to clear the clutter and de-personalize, right? But there’s so much more to do than packing pictures and corralling toys. Use this printable room by room Staging Checklist to get you through.

Sell a House

Once the property is bright and beautiful there’s still a bit more homework to complete. To help your realtor with the marketing of your house, there are some documents you will need to gather and a few questions to answer on the Seller Homework printable. That’s where you’ll make note of all the improvements you’ve made to the house and any insurance claims that you’ve filed. There’s also a handy checklist of documents potential homebuyers often ask for so you can avoid having your agent ask for a copy of your utility bills while you’re at work or a soccer game.

Sell a House

Once the house is officially on the market, the requests for showings should come pouring in! Use the Showing Instructions printable to keep the house show ready everyday!

Sell a House

Now go and sell a house!


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