Sauced on Paseo, nom nom

Sauced on Paseo

I never pass a chance to have dinner on a patio, especially in November. Over the weekend the hubs and I gave Sauced on Paseo a try. I know, it’s been open for a couple years but this was our first time to go.  It was the perfect evening for it. Great weather to sit outside and a plus for the hubs; the Thunder game was playing on the big outdoor screen.

Sauced on Paseo

The menu includes pizza, sandwiches, and pasta. They have one item on the menu that looked pretty interesting. It’s called the Suicide Pie which is a large pizza made up of a slice of each of their specialty pies. Way too much for just the two of us. So, we shared a small supreme pizza and a couple salads (by the way, the balsamic vinaigrette is fantastic).  

Sauced on Paseo may be the hubs new favorite place for pizza. I’m sure we will be back soon for a Suicide Pie or one of the hand tossed pies he was eyeing. You should give it a try too. It’s located in the historic Paseo Arts District at 2912 Paseo. They’re open for lunch and dinner plus I hear they have a delivery area too. If you go, have a slice for me!

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