How to Sell a Home with Pets

If I dare bring a suitcase into the house, my dogs know something is up and will start to behave badly. Here’s the thing, my dogs have a pretty sweet deal. They are spoiled rotten little fur mongers and they like it that way. They instinctively know that a change in the routine is coming and a punishment to whoever is causing it will be forthcoming.

If packing for a weekend trip to Dallas gets my dogs in a tizzy, I can only imagine what packing the contents of our home would do to them. Not to mention the parade of strangers stopping by all the time. Their puppy world would be in a tail spin for sure.

When a house is for sale, it’s important to take steps to make the process a bit easier on the furry members of the family.

Here are a few strategies I’ve seen work well when selling a home with pets;

  • Names: Ask that the Realtor includes your pet’s name in the private remarks section of MLS. I’ve also seen folks leave a note on the front door letting guests know pets are part of the family and what their names are. Pets seem to be reassured when the people entering the house are calling them by name. It also helps if you have a door darter and the Realtor has to catch the dog or cat.  
  • Contain: If pets can be kenneled or corralled into one room, that’s the best scenario. Popular locations are powder rooms or laundry rooms. I think placing a baby gate in the doorway is better than closing the door. This allows the dog to see what’s going on and the potential buyer can get a look at the room. If the laundry room is a pass through into the garage, a bathroom would be better. Buyers like to go into the garage.
  • Clean: Most folks have pets and expect that others do too. However, they don’t want to see carpet stains, pet hair, or paw prints on the floor. Don’t forget about the yard. Clean up out back is critical.

If your dog is particularly sensitive to change or strangers entering the home like my fur mongers, you might consider a doggie daycare like Pleasant Pooch in Edmond when selling a home with pets. We’ve boarded and used the daycare and were very happy. I think the dogs were too!

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