Sell a House, Stage Kitchen Drawers

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When you want to sell a house, it’s important that all storage areas are clean and organized, especially in the kitchen. We want prospective buyers to look at the space and think, “Wow, there’s plenty of room for all my stuff here.” Lining kitchen drawers with colorful paper and storing gadgets in clear acrylic bins will do just that.

Colorful shelf paper and clear bins

Shelf Liner by Macbeth

I found a two roll package of this pretty turquoise and white chevron shelf paper by Macbeth at TJ Maxx for less than five bucks (they had several colors and patterns to choose from). While I was there, I grabbed a few clear acrylic Kitchen Binz by Inter Design. I’ve seen these at the Container Store and Target too. Once you have the supplies, it’s time to get organized.

  1. Empty the drawer completely and wipe it down with soap and water. While it dries go through the gizmos and gadgets that you’ve been storing in the drawer. Be ruthless, toss or give away anything that you won’t need at your new home, you have multiples of, or that has limited purpose in your kitchen. Ideally, any gadget worth keeping should have at least two uses.
  2. Measure the inside edge of the drawer then cut the Macbeth paper. It has handy guide lines on the back that make it really easy to keep a straight edge when you cut.
  3. Peel the backing then place the paper into the drawer. I found this was easiest if I removed the drawer from the cabinet first. It’s pretty forgiving so don’t stress Colorful shelf paper by Macbeth for the kitchenout. Use a credit card to smooth any bubbles or creases.
  4. Place the clear bins into the drawer.
  5. Group like items into the bins. Bonus tip, when it comes time to pack for your move, wrap each of the bins with Saran Wrap before putting in a box. The contents will stay organized then you can simply remove the plastic and place in your new kitchen drawer!
  6. Repeat

In my kitchen I have two oversized, four average, and one tiny drawer. The two roll package was more than enough for all the drawers. As a matter of fact, I even have enough left over to tackle the bathroom this weekend. The whole process took about an hour and I ended up with clean and organized drawers. You can do this!


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