Subway Art Room Divider

This week’s project took a little longer than I expected but I think the end result makes it well worth it.  It all started with an innocent post on Facebook.  I asked my friends to name their favorite place or landmark at both OU and OSU.  Turns out my Cowboy friends had a lot more to share than the Sooners out there.  I ended up with a long list of landmarks some still standing and some long since closed.  I took that list and a couple sets of salvaged bi fold doors to create a Subway Art Room Divider.  Here’s how I did it;

My oldest daughter is a student at OSU and has eyes on this for her new apartment.  We will have to see if she gets it.  I’d love to make one for OU.  Help me out and share your favorite Norman landmark in the comments below.

Talk to you soon!

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