The Plaza District in Oklahoma City (a brief history)

Imagine for a moment that it’s the 1930’s and you are living in Oklahoma City.  You work at one of the bustling car dealerships along Broadway downtown, but don’t have a car of your own yet.  Instead you rely on the city’s trolley system for your transportation.  After work each day, you hop on the trolley car and head north to the last stop on the line and get off in front of the new Plaza Theatre on 16th Street.  On hot days you treat yourself to a movie since it’s the only theatre in town with air conditioning.  But most evenings you just take the short walk home.  If you need anything, you stop at one of the local stores along 16th or grab a cold beer at the bar on the corner.  Everything you need is near the neighborhood you live in.

Fast forward to today.  The historical neighborhood commercial area that was centered around a theatre still exists in Oklahoma City.  Missing is the trolley stop and the old Plaza Theatre is now the Lyric Theatre.  But it’s thriving again.  It’s the Plaza District.

The short stretch of NW 16th Street from Classen to Penn known as The Plaza District has been revitalized in recent years by creative entrepreneurs.  There you will find artist galleries and studios.  The retail spaces are filled with local goods, vintage finds and curiosities.  And if none of that grabs you, go for the restaurants (gourmet grilled cheese, pizza slices, and did someone say pie?)

In the coming weeks I’ll bring you information about Plaza District entertainment, restaurants and nearby housing.  Be sure to stop back by.

Talk to you soon!

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