Time for Choctaw Oktoberfest

Willkommen to the 24th Annual Choctaw Oktoberfest! You know that fall is right around the corner when Oktoberfest is underway at Choctaw Creek Park (14098 NE 21st Street). We went over the weekend but there’s still time for you to go. The annual event runs through September 6th. To get there, just take 23rd street and head east. That will take you right into Choctaw (30 minutes or so from Edmond). Once there, you’ll follow the signs into the park. They have plenty of free parking and if you need a lift to the entrance you can hop on a golf cart shuttle. Be sure to tip your driver.
Before you can go inside there’s a bit of business to attend at the gate. First, you’ll pay admission which is just $5 for everyone over 13. Then you’ll buy food and drink tickets for a dollar each. You’ll need about 12 tickets for a meal and 7 tickets for each beer. They are sold in sheets of 20. One last stop for an ID bracelet and designated driver registration then you’re on to the pavilion.
Choctaw Oktoberfest
Inside the pavilion you’ll want to grab a beer guide. This year there are fifty taps so the guide is pretty handy to help you decide which beer to try. They of course have several Oktoberfests, lagers and other premium beers on tap. Or, you can stick to something a bit more familiar over at trailers one and eight where they have several good old American brews to choose from. At the food counter you’ll select from sausage dinners, schnitzel, turkey legs, and brats on a pretzel bun. All can be ordered with a side of sauerkraut and potato salad. Let me tell you, it is so good! You better come hungry!
Choctaw Oktoberfest
While you raise a glass and eat, you’ll be treated to traditional German music and maybe even do the Chicken Dance. Outside the pavilion there’s more to do with a children’s area, wood carving demonstrations, and a car show on September 6th.
A few tips worth noting before you head to the Choctaw Oktoberfest;
  • no pets are allowed
  • you can’t sell back unused tickets but they can be donated to the Go Mitch Go Foundation
  • free soda to registered designated drivers, please drink responsibly.

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