Buying a House, Touring Homes

Buying a houseWhen you are buying a house and touring homes, it is likely that the majority are lived in. The sellers will have made some preparation prior to your visit. I don’t know about you, but it can be pretty crazy at my house when company is coming! The house has to be cleaned, pets need to be relocated, and kiddos need to be redirected. It can be quite a frenzy; and I’m not even trying to sell, it’s just a visit from my mother in law!

Keep in mind, the seller probably has a busy schedule (just like you and me) filled with work, soccer practice, parent meetings, and a laundry list of responsibilities. Oh yea, laundry too! You know, they may have snuck out of work early to make sure everything was perfect for your visit. They may have left just moments before you were scheduled to arrive, going for a quick walk with the dogs and stroller around the block. They may even have a yummy lasagna baking in the oven for a family dinner later in the evening.

Don’t get me wrong, the seller wants to sell the house. Yes, they knew what they were getting into when the sign went in the ground. They accepted that during the listing period schedules might be tight and housekeeping would be a top priority. But that does not give a buyer or their Realtor permission to be disrespectful of their time.

Here are some easy rules to follow when you are touring homes before buying a house:

  • Don’t ask your Realtor to schedule a showing while you are all standing in front of the house.
  • Don’t arrive late to tour a home
  • Do tour every home that has been scheduled. 
  • Do not request to tour homes that you do not qualify to buy
  • If you determine a house does not meet your needs, don’t linger and chat
  • Don’t peek in windows without an appointment to tour the home.

Time is valuable to all of us. Even folks just trying to sell their house.

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