Tips for Searching Oklahoma Homes Online

Real estate websites can be fun to visit.  They have pretty pictures of houses.  You can play games and virtually decorate a house to your personal taste.  Some of them even use fun made up words like Zestimate.  

We know that in between tweets and pins, you are looking online at real estate.  After all, according to NAR’s 2010 Profile of a Home Buyer, 90% of buyers are searching the internet for their next home.  Since we know that you are looking online, we do our very best to make sure to splash that listing information all over the internet.  Some sites like pull data from our Oklahoma City MLS.  Unfortunately others don’t.

I’m lucky in that I’ve affiliated myself with CENTURY 21.  They make this process a whole lot easier for me.  CENTURY 21 distributes the listing information and pictures to a bunch of consumer websites like trulia, frontdoor, zillow, oodle, HomeFinder, and Yahoo plus another 500 more (and that list just keeps on growing).

But here’s the deal folks, not all the information you find on all real estate websites will be accurate or current all the time.

With listing information being distributed to hundreds of websites, it’s bound to happen that someone will stumble on out of date information.  A website may show listings that aren’t available anymore or will have an incorrect list price.  Here are three tips to help you navigate through and know what is true and what is false when you are searching for Oklahoma Homes Online;

  • Allow a Realtor to provide you with listing information that is specific to your search criteria. They should be able to set you up on a Personalized Gateway through our MLS that will notify you of new listings in real time.  This is really your best bet.
  • Each listing in the Oklahoma City MLS is identified by a 6 digit MLS number.  New listings are currently beginning with the number 4.  Free tip, if you find a 3000 square foot brick home in Edmond on an acre for just $125,000 with an MLS number beginning with the number 2, it’s probably not current.
  • And most importantly, if you find a house online DO NOT visit the house, ring the doorbell and argue with the homeowner that their house is for sale!!  Especially if there’s no sign in the yard!  This really happened to a client of mine just last week!  Call your Realtor, and let them check into the listing history on the property for you.
If you just want to see pretty houses (and who doesn’t love to do that), check out Hooked on Houses.  It’s an awesome blog that is filled to the brim with pictures of houses in every shape and size.  If you want to see houses that might make a good home for you, let me help.  Give me a buzz at 405-359-7400 and let’s talk about what you’re looking for.  I’ll make sure that you are seeing the current listings that might meet your needs.

Talk to you soon!

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