Urban Living in the Deep Deuce District OKC

There are several living options in Oklahoma City’s Urban Core near the popular Deep Deuce District including apartments, condos, and townhomes. A growing number of people are attracted to the close proximity to a rapidly developing downtown Oklahoma City. They are leaving the suburbs and moving back downtown. Here are a few places near the historic Deep Deuce District that are popular.


Deep Deuce
Deep Deuce
  • Deep Deuce Apartments are located at 314 NE 2nd Street. They offer one and two bedroom units with some garage parking available. Current rental rates for a one bedroom unit range from about $900-1300. A two bedroom unit rents for $1200-1500.
  • Level Apartments are located at 123 NE 2nd Street. They also offer one and two bedroom units with an interior parking garage. Current rental rates for a one bedroom unit range from about $900-1200 and a two bedroom goes for about $1300-1600. Ground level amenities include Native Roots Market, a dry cleaner, and the bar and grill Urban Johnnie.


Condos & Townhomes

Deep Deuce
Central Avenue Villas
  • Central Avenue Villas are located at 4th and Walnut. They are one and two bedroom condominiums ranging in size from just under 800 square feet up to almost 1900 square feet. They’ve sold between $185,000 and $260,000.
Deep Deuce
The Hill
  • The Hill is located at 422 NE 2nd Street. The luxury townhomes range in size from 1600 square feet to 3700 square feet. There are two, three, and four bedroom floor plans. These homes have sold from $346,000 for a two bedroom unit all the way up to $944,000 for a spacious four bedroom home.
Deep Deuce
Block 42
  • Block 42 is located on NE 4th Street near Walnut. The luxury condominiums range in size from just over 900 square feet all the way up to almost 3500 square feet with one, two and three bedroom floor plans. There are also a variety of home levels. Some are a flat while others have two or even three levels of space. These homes have sold from $175,000 for a one bedroom, one bathroom flat up to $625,000 for a three bedroom, three bathroom tri-level unit.
Interested in an urban lifestyle? As you can see, there are many ways to call downtown Oklahoma City home.

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