Sell a House, Winterize Vacant Properties Now

According to the weather report, our beautiful warm Oklahoma weather is coming to an end and winter cold will finally begin to roll in soon.  It has been so nice it’s hard to believe that winter is right around the corner! But the reality is, it is coming whether we like it or not. Even if we want to sell a house.

If your property is vacant, you should take the following preventative steps to winterize;

  • turn off the water at the meter
  • drain water from the faucet at the lowest point inside the house and also from the outside faucet
  • disconnect and store all outside hoses
  • shut down sprinkler system (consult professional)
  • set thermostat to at least 55 degrees
  • open cabinet doors to allow airflow around pipes
Once complete, appropriate signage should be posted in the kitchen and bathrooms advising potential buyers that the home has been winterized. You don’t want someone to try and use a potty when the water has been turned off, yikes!

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